Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fuzzy on the whole "good-bad" thing

Michael Ignatieff, the new leader of Canada's Liberal Party has been described as a political chameleon. Writes Michael Valpy:
But who is Michael Ignatieff really? Is he the pinkish liberal who champions human rights and carries Pierre Trudeau's torch for social justice? Or is he the conservative realist who embraced George W. Bush's attack on Iraq and flirted with the notion that torture could be acceptable?
I wonder if Ignatieff's 2004 book, The Lesser Evil, should instead have been titled Maybe Torture's Like, Ok?

But one thing's for sure—as a reviewer on Amazon.com put it—Ignatieff is "fuzzy on the whole 'good-bad' thing."

For a commentary on torture minus the fuzziness, see this 2003 editorial from the British Medical Journal. The subtitle puts things in focus:
Torture is a form of terrorism:
there are no justifications for it

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