Saturday, September 13, 2008

Great web apps with strange names

The last couple of years have seen a proliferation of great web applications. And for some reason, the fashion is to give them bizarre names like Loopt, Mobunga, and Lijit. (Any guesses what they do?) The collage of "web 2.0" logos on the left provides plenty of examples (click on the image to link to the website where they provide a huge high-resolution version).

So here are my favorite strangely-named but wonderful web apps:

Jango is a free, customizable internet radio service. The way it works takes a little getting used to, but it's a terrific way to hear lots of great music.

SUMO Paint is an awesome online image editor.

Weebly is a free service that lets you easily create and host a website.

Slinkset lets you create a social news site. For example, I created StatLinks in just a couple of minutes.

Finally, here's a clever web application whose name says it all: MizPee.


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