Sunday, May 07, 2006


It's Sunday evening, and rather than coming up with something thoughtful myself, here are some miscellaneous items of interest. A cornucopia if you will, as illustrated at left.

First, something important—an urgent appeal from Amnesty International Canada:
On May 9th the U.N. General Assembly will elect the members of the new UN Human Rights Council.

Canada, which is standing for election, has a critical role to play in ensuring that the Council's mandate of protecting all human rights for everyone is not a hollow promise.

Send an email to Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Honorable Peter MacKay, and urge him to ensure Canada demonstrates clear leadership in the respect and fulfillment of human rights norms and standards.

Take action before May 9th!
If you're in a science-and-public-communication mood, this post is worth reading.

Next, something fun (via Antonella Pavese's interesting blog): a very entertaining manifesto on how to be creative by advertising executive and blogger Hugh MacLeod.

Incidentally, Antonella Pavese recommends this cleverly-named, free, online, task manager: remember the milk. Ok, I haven't actually tried it, but their symbol is just too cute.
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